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Lotus Spa


The most well-known spa treatment is the massage. Massages come in many different types -- from deep tissue, to sports, to pure relaxation. Spa guests may often choose whether they want a full body massage, a traditional Thai foot massage or a massage to focus on a specifically troubled area. Massages work the muscles of the body, release toxins and encourage relaxation as tension is relieved.


In the Lotus Spa we do not only offer a big variety of massages, we serve our customers with a wide range of full body treatments such as: pedicure, manicure, body-scrub, herbal lotions and many more.


Either if you want to relax your muscles after an intense workout in our gym, or you need to release stress after a hard day at work, just a few minutes in the Lotus Spa, will make you feel better than ever.

Price List:

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